Agricultural Loan

Agricultural Loans


  • Qualified Borrowers: Farmers not more than 65 years of age engaged in farming activities and with acceptable collateral as security. 


  • Purpose: 
  1. Purchase of pesticides, fertilizers, seedlings and other farm inputs.
  2. Rent of hand tractor, corn sheller & other farm machineries.
  3. Purchase of farm animals (carabao, cow, etc.) and other farm equipments and machineries (Hand tractor, Kuliglig, Corn Sheller etc.)
  4. Additional capital for farming purposes.
  5. For the production of food crops/ commodities such as palay, corn, peanut etc.
  6. For the production of poultry and livestock. (Hog/Cattle Raising)


  • Security: 
  1. Farm Animals (Carabao and Cow) not less than 1 year but not more than 10 years of age.
  2. Farm equipments/machineries. (Hand Tractor, kuliglig, corn sheller etc.)
  3. Real Estate Properties (Title or Tax Declaration).


  • Collateral Valuation: 
  1. Large Cattle
    AGEMaximum Loan Amount
    1 year oldPhp6,000.00
    2  years oldPhp8,000.00
    3 years oldPhp10,000.00
    4 – 5 years oldPhp12,000.00
    5-10 years oldPhp15,000.00
  2. 60% of the appraised value for farm machineries (not more than 1 year)
  3. 50% of the appraised value for farm machineries (1 year to 2 years)
  4. 40% of the appraised value for reconditioned machineries/equipments/vehicle
  5. 70% for titled properties
  6. 50% for tax declaration


  • Terms: 
  1. For farming capital, rent of farm machineries and purchase of pesticides, fertilizers and other farm inputs – maximum term of six (6) months
  2. For the purchase of farm animals and machineries – maximum term of not more than three (3) years
  3. For the production of food crops/ commodities, the term of loan will depend on the production cycle of the crops/live stocks being financed


  • Loan Requirements: 
  1. Certificate of Ownership of Large Cattle (COLC) or Certificate of Transfer of Large Cattle (CTLC)
  2. Pictures of the collateral (Large Cattle and farm equipments)
  3. Barangay Clearance
  4. Affidavit of Ownership duly notarized (farm machineries)
  5. Original sales invoice (farm machineries)
  6. Residence Certificates or any valid ID of borrower, co-borrower and co-makers (current year)
  7. 2” x 2” ID pictures (borrower/co-borrowers)
  8. For Real Estate Collaterals (see Real Estate as Collateral Requirements)


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