Kabukiran Loan

Kabukiran Loan


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  • Qualified Borrowers: Farmers not more than 65 years of age.[/custom_list] 


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  • Purpose:[/custom_list] 
  1. For the production of food crops/ commodities such as palay, corn, peanut etc.
  2. For the production of poultry and livestock. (Hog/Cattle Raising)


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  • Collateral Valuation:[/custom_list] 
      • Fattening – P5,000.00 per head. Maximum of 20 heads
      • Breeding – P10,000.00 per head. Maximum of 10 heads
      • Fattening – P5,000.00 per head. Maximum of 10 heads
      • Breeding – P10,000.00 per head. Maximum of 5 heads
    3. POULTRY – maximum of 1,000 poultry layers or 5,000 broilers
  2. CROPS
    • Hybred – Maximum of P42,000.00 per hectare
    • Inbred – Maximum of P37,000.00 per hectare
    • CORN PRODUCTION – Maximum of P40,000.00 per hectare
    • TOMATO PRODUCTION – maximum of P56,000.00 per hectare
    • POTATO PRODUCTION – maximum of P88,000.00 per hectare
    • BANANA PRODUCTION – maximum of P58,000.00 per hectare
    • MANGO PRODUCTION – maximum of P170,000.00 per tree (depending on the age of tree)
  3. MILKFISH/BANGUS PRODUCTION – maximum of P121,000.00 per 75 cubic meter cage


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  • Terms: The term of the loan will depend on the production cycle of the project being finance[/custom_list] 


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  • Loan Requirements:[/custom_list] 
  1. Certification from the Municipal Agriculture Office
  2. Pictures of the land being tilled or project financed.
  3. Barangay Clearance
  4. Sketch map of the residence and/or location of the project.
  5. Residence Certificates or any valid ID of borrower, co-borrower and co-makers
  6. 2” x 2” ID pictures (borrower/co-borrowers)



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