Private/Government Employees Loan


  • Qualified Borrowers: Qualified borrowers should be permanent employees of established institutions, companies and government agencies with at least one (1) year of continued regular employment duly certified by the Management. Applications will be evaluated and processed by the Bank Credit Committee.


  • Amount of Loan: Maximum loan amount shall not be more than three (3) months Basic pay. 


  • Terms of Payment:
  1. Maximum of one (1) year maturity.
  2. Semi-monthly amortization based on equal principal payments – every 15th and 30th of the month.


  • Security:
  1. Clean Loan
  2. Two (2) co-employees should act as co-makers who are permanent/regular employees of at least two (2) years of continued permanent employment in the same company or government agency.
  3. Spouse should be the co-borrower, if any
  4. Life Insurance, coterminous to the term of loan


  • Salary Loan Requirements:
  1. Certificate of Employment duly certified by the Paymaster or Personnel Manager.
  2. Civil Service Commission Appointment (if government employee)
  3. Latest Income Tax Return (Borrower)
  4. Payroll Slips (last two months)
  5. Residence Certificates of borrower, co-borrowers and co-makers (current year)
  6. 2” x 2” ID pictures (borrower/co-borrowers) – 2 copies each with signature at the back.
  7. Memorandum of Agreement between the bank and the company to be signed by the Personnel Manager, Finance Department Head or it’s President and the Chief Operation Officer of the bank.


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